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  • Baby Shark Bouncer
    Baby Shark Bouncer
    Tiny Shark bouncer today! Sure to be an eyecatcher! Party price $9,500.00 JMD Party Package #1      $25,000 JMD Includes:                   ...

  • Coco Melon Bouncer
    Coco Melon Bouncer
    Join the Cocomelon gang for the best party ever! This bouncer is sure to liven up any birthday party or kids event, and it features a safety step, knotless netted windows and many of the other latest safety options...

  • Dunk Tank
    Dunk Tank
    The concept of dunking the boss at the company picnic or dunking the local celebrity at a fundraising event or teacher at a fair has become a past time. Try it!   (Water Must Be Provided by Customer - 5,000...

  • Eliminator
    Indulge in our eliminator...Test your concentration skills. Six persons are able to access this ride simultaneously. See who is able to be the last person standing. This unit is suitable for all age groups. Party...

  • Teen Striker
    Teens and adults alike will love this version of the old-fashioned "ring-the-bell" carnival midway game. It has long been a huge hit at company picnics, block parties, and fireman's fairs. Size:  10 FT Tall Party...

  • Junior Spiderman Bouncer
    Junior Spiderman Bouncer
    Substitute 30 hot dogs for any item above for $2,700 Add 30 hot dogs to the package for $5,000 Junior Spiderman Bouncer. Great for all spaces Party price $7,500.00 JMD Party Package...

  • Pool
    Large Pool
    This attraction can host up to 50 people. Lots of fun for parties, fun days and other wet sociable events. Size:  15ft Round x 4ft High   (Water Must Be Provided by Customer - 4,500 gals) IMPORTANT...

  • Mechanical Bull
    Mechanical Bull
    The Mechanical Bull is designed to stimulate real bull movements. The horns and body of the bull are padded, so it is safe for both kids and adults. Size: 20ft W*20ft L Party Price: $35,000.00 JMD   Party Package...

  • Melting Arctic Waterslide
    Melting Arctic Waterslide
    The inflatable 15 Ft Melting Arctic Slide with attached pool will make kids feel like they're gliding down a glacier! This unit is an attractive rental choice for any party. Size:  27ft Long x...

  • Merry-Go-Round
    Merry-go-Round seats 16-24 people. Great for fun days and other fun filled events. Size: please reserve 15ft wide*15ft Long so as to comfortably accommodate this ride. Party Price  $15,000.00 JMD Party Package...

  • Minecraft Bouncer
    Minecraft Bouncer
    Time to quit running from the spiders, Creepers and Griefers and relax with Steve and the whole Minecraft crew with this fine bouncer! Featuring a cool Minecraft scene, this bouncer is guaranteed to please any Minecraft...

  • Multi-colour Waterslide 2
    Multi-colour Waterslide 2
    Slide and have a blast on our Multi-colour Waterslide 28L*17W*15H. Suitable for both kids and adults. Grass or flat surface needed...   (Water Must Be Provided by Customer) Party price $20,000.00 JMD Party Package...

  • Obstacle Bouncer
    Obstacle Bouncer
    If you run into a wall, don't turn around and give up. Spend hours of fun figuring out how to climb it, go through it, or work around it. Stand up to your obstacles and do something about them   Party...

  • Paddle Boat
    Paddle Boat
    An awesome children's party idea! Children can safely sit in the unsinkable extremely stable wide paddle boats. (Water Must Be Provided by Customer-2,000 gals) Party price $35,000.00 JMD Party Package...

  • Panel Bouncer
    Panel Bouncer
    Panel Bouncer.  Great for all ages. Party price $7,500.00 JMD Party Package #1      $23,000 JMD Includes:                       ...

  • Paw Patrol Bouncer
    Paw Patrol Bouncer
    Paw Patrol bouncer today! Sure to be an eyecatcher! Party price $11,000.00 JMD Party Package #1      $26,500 JMD Includes:                   ...

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